Do you get 100% out of your Apple Watch? Do it with Spleeft

The Apple Watch already measures the missing data to be the most complete device on the market in all areas. It is important that you know everything that this device can bring you in your day to day and better yet, how to take advantage of it 100% through the Fitness App that we discover today.

This app not only tracks your velocity, it saves and analyzes your workouts’ day by day, so you can see your progress and improve faster in your favorite exercises. Now let’s discover how you can do it with your Apple device to get 100% performance from the app.

Revolutionizing Strength Training: Spleeft, the Essential Fitness App for Apple Watch

Two years ago, with the arrival of watchOS 9, Apple opened its market to sports enthusiasts with the launch of advanced running metrics, such as stride power. This allows runners to analyze their running technique without the need for external sensors, which can cost upwards of €200. Similarly, for swimmers, in case you didn’t know, your Apple Watch can automatically monitor how many lengths you have done and with which stroke, as well as the efficiency of your swim.

With the launch of watchOS 10, it went after the cycling market, adding support for connecting the power sensors that most cyclists wear on their pedals. Thus standing up to big companies like Garmin.

These power measurements let users know if they are improving their performance in the main endurance sports.

However, the most common sports practice among Apple users and in society in general is strength training. For this modality, common for specialists in any sport discipline, Apple only allows you to monitor calories and heart rate. The problem is that these measurements do not help users to know if they are improving their strength.

For this reason, we recommend using the Spleeft app, recently launched for Apple Watch. This app allows you to track the velocity of your favorite exercises, such as the squat or bench press. Machine exercises can be measured with their iPhone app.

Improve your training and performance with velocity exercises.

Apple Watch - Fitness App - velocity exercises - velocity training - strength training

Tracking execution velocity in the gym answers the three big questions that every person has when they go to the gym:

  • Am I improving my strength? If your velocity with an exercise and a load, say a deadlift with 50 kg, improves, it means your strength is increasing.
  • What weight should I use? With a simple test, the application can reliably tell you what is the optimal weight for training.
  • How many repetitions do I have to do? If you measure the velocity on all repetitions and perform all of them as hard as possible, you will be able to measure your fatigue. When your velocity drops significantly, the watch will make a long vibration to indicate that you have reached the optimal number of repetitions.

Velocity Training – More Economical and More Efficient

Spleeft is the complement that your Apple Watch is missing if you want to make it the most complete smartwatch on the market. Devices to measure this velocity of execution do not fall below €200. Perform a more intelligent and optimized training.

If you want to try it for free, just go to the App Store or our website.

Discover today how a single app can change your training and the way you analyze the evolution of your workouts at the gym. Download Spleeft now and start the big change.

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