Meet our new update: 200 Hz measurements and new metrics

This update will allow users with Apple Watch 8 and newer to measure barbell velocity and jump height with 200 data per second. For all of you, peak velocity has finally arrived at Spleeft. New annual subscription for PRO Users.


At Spleeft we continue to work tirelessly to be one of the best fitness Apple Watch Apps.

From the beginning of Spleeft, our reason to be has been to bring you the most accurate data cheaply. The Apple Watch, primarily designed to be used for fitness, gives us the possibility to record high-rate data to give their users the most accurate data and consolidate our position among the best fitness Apple Watch Apps. This, combined with our improved algorithm, has reduced our mean error against the most common devices in 47% (from 0.03 m/s to 0.017 m/s).

New metrics – Spleeft with advances in App for velocity

We will publish a new validation article against two different linear transducers and a motion capture system, comparing the old version. However, we can inform you that the 200 Hz version gives us more stability in movements up to 0.9 m/s. For movements below that threshold, there are no significant differences between an iPhone 7, Apple Watch SE (both measuring 100 Hz) and the Apple Watch 8 (200 Hz) in accuracy when measuring mean or peak velocity. So you don’t have to worry if you don’t have access to an Apple Watch 8 or newer. The new algorithm is accurate from the iPhone 7.

For jump height measurements, we are planning a big update soon because this high-rate data will increase a lot the reliability of this measurement.

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This new update allows you to measure peak velocity too. Receive peak velocity real-time feedback and track the best peak velocity against a load. In the alpha version, peak velocity was just available for users with Apple Watch 8 and newer. However, we have seen that this metric is accurate too despite measuring it at 100 Hz, so it is available for all of you.

We are looking for a major evolution of our app for velocity.

This metric is especially useful for high-speed movements, like ballistic exercises or Olympics. We are working on a better algorithm for this exercise too.

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Finally, we have improved the user experience when a rep is not counted. Spleeft implements range of motion and velocity filters to improve the signal quality and the reliability of the measurements. However, sometimes this algorithm filters real reps. performed by you. When this happens, Spleeft saves the values, just in case you want to save them with the other reps. This feature was available for iPhone, but now the app notifies you with a red icon above the chart when there are filtered reps. to review.

This feature is now available for Apple Watch too. Just for Spleeft PRO users.

If the app has saved any filtered rep, the button above the chart starts moving. Click on it to tap the filtered rep you want to recover. That pop-up shows you the mean velocity value and the position of that rep.
If you see the filtered rep. message, scroll down to the bottom to see the list.

Finally, this new update comes with pricing changes. Now you can purchase the Spleeft PRO annual subscription. This will save you up to a 30% compared with the monthly subscription. Remember that the monthly subscription has an introductory offer of a 25% the first three months. Check the exact pricing for your region in our app or at the App Store.

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